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My Github Repository, american identity essay some of it is even relivant and complete


Computer assisted ordering assistant for a grocery store environment

GitHub Repository

This web app provides date tracking and product cross reference for shelf stocking of perishable items.

Technologies used: javascript, nedb browser db, sqlite server db, php server side database updates, jquery, Single page app using ajax calls.

Recipe search, common recipes, chat, wikipedia search, google search, local weather, shared white board and shared text editor.

GitHub Repository

Wow thats alot, but the truth is it just started out as a home program, then it grew as more suggestions came in from my colleague. So it is what it became.

Technologies used:A�heroku, git, gulp, nodejs, express, websockets, javascript es6, single page real time interactive app.

The white board, chat, and shared editor are collaborative tools.
The Recipe search, Wikipedia search, and Google search, and Weather are api calls.

to demo it use

brianA� A� A� for the username

peachpie01A� A� for the password


Post Publishing .buzz

Working on this website on a contract basis

customized wordpress theme and plugins


simple break-out game programmed in phaser.js, typescript, sass, html5

the entire game runs in the browser. Even Geeks need a little fun .